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Corporate culture

Human capital is a very important success factor for our company. We also let our employees feel it by pursuing a transparent and open corporate culture.

We stand together in defeats and celebrate our successes together. 

We show appreciation for the performance and commitment of our employees. 

With our open door policy, we promote and demand courageous conversation, i.e. open dialogue between all areas of the company and employees and managers.

We always have an open ear and always try to respond to the individual needs within the scope of our possibilities. 

Flexible working hours, helpfulness, equality, protection against mobbing and belonging as a full member of a connected community enable more satisfaction and productivity at work and in the workplace. 

In the end, only the common goals count, which we also only want to achieve together. 

"If everyone says it doesn't work or you could doesn't it then find a way, believe in you, your knowledge, your abilities and just do it if it can benefit everyone in the end! If you fall down, then it is not a disgrace, but an opportunity to stand up and reposition yourself!"